Rainforest Candles

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EL YUNQUE, the only rainforest in the U.S. Forest Service, was decimated in 2017 by Maria, a monster, category five hurricane.

The Beginning
The founder, owner and producer, a senior and a Vietnam Veteran, ordered a candle making kit for a pandemic activity. He was quickly fascinated by the complexity of making a FINE candle. After months of perfecting his recipe and testing all the facets of a candle, he decided to sell them. The company became Rainforest Candles, in support of the environment and to honor EL YUNQUE.

Produce fine, hand-poured, eco-friendly, scented, soy candles from sustainable materials, to sell at a competitive price. A portion of the proceeds of all sales is donated to restore and maintain EL YUNQUE.

These fine candles are attractively priced. They have been thoroughly tested, and will provide 35+ hours of pleasure.

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