Rainforest Candles

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EL YUNQUE, the only rainforest in the U.S. Forest Service, was decimated in 2017 by Maria, a monster, category four hurricane.

The Beginning
The founder, a disabled Vietnam Veteran, ordered a candle making kit for a pandemic activity. He was quickly fascinated by the complexity of making a FINE candle. After months of perfecting his recipe and testing all the facets of a candle, he decided to sell them. The company became Rainforest Candles, in support of the environment and to honor EL YUNQUE.

Produce fine, hand-poured, eco-friendly, scented, soy candles from sustainable materials, to sell at a competitive price. A portion of the proceeds of all sales is donated to restore and maintain EL YUNQUE.

These fine candles are attractively priced. They have been thoroughly tested, and will provide up to 60 hours of pleasure.

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